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If you need a marketing Landing Page, texts, e-shop, naming of your Start-Up and logo.

If you want to make a website not more than 3 days, we can help you by making a website on WordPress Theme.

From you only need information about the filling + Buy 1 WordPress Theme.

From us:
Setup WordPress Theme on new Domain and Hosting.

Customize WordPress Theme for a Business Niche.

Setup Different important Plugins and customize them.

When ordering a design from full Zero:

Design and creation of the 1st (one) version of the basic design concept Landing Page on a pre-approved prototype: Terms of Reference (TOR) – must describe the problem of the future design Landing Page.

by ~ 3-7 working days.

At the end of the work:

You get a unique Landing Page design and layout of the original developed Landing Page.

(Landing Page Layout PSD-prepared for the layout to the programmer and HTML-coder).

What is needed from you in the specifications?

Is This:

  • Required components of a single-site Landing Page:
  • Attractive headline – precise and concise notation activities of the company.
  • Vivid and memorable, high-quality, large images of product or service.
  • Phrase – a call to action.
  • Description of the action with the established deadlines in order to stimulate the customer to decide to purchase as soon as possible.
  • Form to send contact information website visitor (names of the strings in the form).
  • A Noticeable button «Call to Action» (call to order, click on call back, click to Buy, etc).
  • The Triggers of trust (customer testimonials, examples of works, certificates, documents, etc).
  • Product information.
  • An accessible description of the process of working with illustrations.
  • Block of rapid communication with the managers of the company.
  • Contact information.

If Choosing WordPress Theme + Buying 1 Theme, which will be fit for the Business Niche.

1) Pro Version 1 website: Start from $39.

2) WordPress Theme (Buy only one 1 time and using forever) Layout Responsive.

3) Compatible Browsers IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge.

4) If you need a simple daily deal website and want to save your Budget.

We’ll recommend you use Ready WordPress Theme for your future website.

We’ll set up and customize different Plugins for the website, it will greatly expand the functionality of the website.

5) You will don’t need Web Designer, Front-end or Back-end Developers.

6) The economy will be in design and development.

7) WordPress Theme already Ready to use.

8) With ready WordPress Theme, you will get a full ready website not more than 3 days, if we count without fillIng goods, texts, logo, etc. For filling goods, texts, photos it will take more time.

We will do:

1) Setup WordPress Theme on new Hosting, Domain.

2) Working with Filezilla FTP Client.

3) Customize WordPress Theme (changing colors, texts, logo, etc)

+ Setup different Important Plugins for the Business Niche.

4) Work and Customize: Google Tag Manager, Statistics, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Yandex Metric, Yandex web master.

5) Working with Google Disk (Drive), DrobBox, Trello, Clockify, Slack, Skype.

6) Writing texts for Websites with using the word – magnets, Identifying the needs of customers and did close theirs.

7) Forming a USP – unique selling proposition.

8) Logotype Design.

9) Fill and prepare all of the materials for the website: post of goods, descriptions, photos, Website Management.

10) Create Advertisement for Youtube In-Stream Ads, Youtube Discovery Ads, Text-Graphics Ads, Text Ads in the Searching Network at Google Ads, Social media marketing, Instagram Promotion.

11) All work from Start to End.

1. Managing Website.

2. Customizing WordPress Theme.

3. Set up different Important Plugins for the WordPress Theme.

4. Watching on the new Updating of the WordPress Plugins.

5. Working with Filezilla FTP Client.

6. Working and Customizing Google Tag Manager, Statistics, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Yandex Metrica, Yandex webmaster.

7. Working with Google Drive, Dropbox, Trello, Clockify, Slack, Skype.

8. Writing primary texts for Websites with using the word – magnets, Identifying the needs of customers and did close theirs. (*Additional Option by separate price)

9. Forming primary USP – unique selling proposition.

10. Working with customers of websites: Answering to the customers on WhatsApp / Viber / Skype, Informing customers, Email Marketing, Will close customers on the do Order, Questioning customers and will put their answers to the Terms of Reference (TOR). (*Additional Option by separate price)

11. Publishing primary new posts or pages with information on the website. Primary Filling website of the content: new goods, posts, portfolio photos work examples, etc.

12. Preparing Tasks with time of performing: daily/month for the team members, managing all processes in the trello, clockify, slack. (*Additional Option by separate price).

Create Logo Design and Brand Identity.
Completely logo design, corporate identity, and name from scratch.

1) «Base» –
“If, you know exactly what you need”
Will give 1 option
We will make in 3 days
1 designer works
There are 2 edits
Colour and font selection.

2) «Advanced» –
“If you have ideas, but need implementation”
Will give 3 options
We will make in 5 days
1 designer works
There are 3 edits
Colour and font selection.

3) «Exclusive» –
“If you want more options from the designer”
Will give 5 options
We will make in 10 days
1 designer works
There are 3 edits
Color and font selection.

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