«ELD Studio, they were supported us from the beginning of our digital business creation. They were Setuped WordPress Theme for our website in Ukraine and designed and translated all texts, booked the domain, developed the design of the website and the logo, and all Social Media Art, installed plugins on WordPress and interviewed and managed the clients. ELD Studio has created the accounts in the social networks and filled it with content. Themed postings in matching design and links. They also created the account of google ads and planned the promotional campaign for our German and Ukrainian websites for Google Ads: «Future Husband» www.future-husband.com and «Herz Kopf Partnervermittlung» www.herzkopf-partnervermittlung.de Agencies. We will be recommending this Studio with their service. They did all the tasks Quickly and with Quality!»
Co-Founder of «Future Husband» & «Herz Kopf Partnervermittlung» Agencies
«For a long time looking for performers. We wanted to solve our problems comprehensively and at an affordable price. And so we found the ELD studio, everything went perfectly according to the terms and at the prices. We ordered a full package of services at the ELD studio, we had to solve a number of issues. This is the logo and the name of our company, and the design of the one-page website, which was at the very beginning, and then we expanded the range and ordered the guys to develop an entire online store, and selling Landing Page, everything completely from scratch. They performed everything quickly and qualitatively, everything as we wanted on TOR. And the name and logo are especially pleased with us. Very creative approached the solution of problems. We even could not imagine that this is possible! We applied several times to the studio and we will contact you guys in the future! You are fellows! We highly recommend this studio.»
«ELD Studio - We just fell in love with you! No one has ever painted such beauty like this! We ordered the logo in the Russian and English spelling, the name of our store, the design of the site, the development of the site. The guys very competently approached the formulation of tasks and compiled the TOR. They executed on time and in full. They came to the solution of the tasks in a complex way. They picked up juicy and competent colors; we really liked it, this combination. We wish you more clients. And we recommend everyone, do not hesitate and order the solution of your problems in ELD Studio!»
From the website soft-things.ru
«We were at the start and we're looking for the optimal solution for price and quality to solve our problems. And found everything in the studio ELD. We ordered the guys logo, the name of our company, design, and development of the site and everything from zero. We really enjoyed working with you guys! More reliable partners, friends, performers, we have not yet found. We liked your creative approach and what, you drew and invented. Recommended for all ELD studio. Address to them, you will not regret! Checked Strongdev!»
From the website Strongdev
«We ordered an investment portal in the ELD studio. We want to say that the guys competently made TOR and did everything: design, layout, programming by the specified date. Agreed for 7 days, and fulfilled a lot earlier! It struck us simply! Everyone would have such responsibility and speed! We recommend that you contact them.»
From the website Invest Donetsk ro